HBO's Bill Maher Calls Out Bill O'Reilly's “Out-And-Out Lies”

On HBO's Real Time, host Bill Maher joined a growing chorus of critics calling out Fox News host Bill O'Reilly for apparent fabrications about his experiences reporting from war zones.

Mother JonesMedia Matters, and others have exposed significant inconsistencies in O'Reilly's characterization of his past experience as a CBS News correspondent in Argentina, El Salvador, and elsewhere. Maher called his tales “out-and-out lies” and wondered why the mainstream press isn't pursuing the O'Reilly story as stridently as it did with questions about NBC's Brian Williams. 

MAHER: These are out-and-out lies. Now, I understand why Fox News backs him, because they're not really a news service. So they're like, 'You expect the truth? That's not what we do here.' But why isn't the mainstream media going after him with the same ferocity -- the supposedly liberal media -- as they did to Brian Williams?