Fox Contributor Complains Democratic Debate Didn't Blame Economic Inequality On “Dysfunctional Behavior” By The Poor

Bernie Goldberg: “Dysfunctional Behavior... Like 15-Year-Old Girls Having Babies” Creates Poverty, Economic Inequality

From the October 14 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): Let me stop you there, because I just want to add a little perspective here. Neither Clinton nor Sanders, and you correct me if you have a different take, want any part of those questions. They don't want any part of them.

BERNIE GOLDBERG: Exactly. Exactly. I total agree with that. But a journalist has a different obligation than the candidates. There was lots and lots of talk about income inequality. Not a peep from the candidates or from Anderson Cooper about how dysfunctional behavior leads to poverty which contributes to income inequality. Because liberals, whether they are liberal candidates or liberal journalists, don't like to talk about dysfunctional behavior. 

O'REILLY: No judgments. No judgments.

GOLDBERG: No judgments, like 15-year-old girls having babies. 

O'REILLY: You bet. 


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