Former O'Reilly Producer Tells The Associated Press: Hyperbole And Exaggeration Are “Baked Into” O'Reilly's Persona

Speaking to the Associated Press, a former Fox News O'Reilly producer highlighted Bill O'Reilly's tendency to twist the truth, saying that hyperbole and exaggeration are “baked into” O'Reilly's persona and job description. 

Bill O'Reilly has been embroiled in controversy after Mother Jones and Media Matters exposed numerous fabrications in O'Reilly's accounts of reporting on the Falklands War, the El Salvadoran Civil War, and the death of a figure in the investigation into JFK's assassination

From the Associated Press on February 27:

The only way O'Reilly can be seriously damaged is if more allegations about his statements come forward from sources other than partisan organizations, said Joe Muto, a former O'Reilly producer fired by Fox after he began writing an anonymous blog as the “Fox mole.”

“Ultimately, he'll survive this because he's not held -- by his bosses, or the public, or himself -- to the same standards of truth-telling as Brian Williams is,” Muto said. “People expect a certain degree of hyperbole and exaggeration from O'Reilly. It's baked into the job description. It's part of his persona.”