David Letterman Is Bill O'Reilly's First Non-Fox TV Interview Since Fabrication Firestorm

O'Reilly and LettermanOn Tuesday, Bill O'Reilly will enter another network's studio for the first time since the wave of stories exposing his embellishments about his reporting background broke last month. According to O'Reilly's website, he will appear with David Letterman on CBS' The Late Show to promote the National Geographic Channel adaptation of his 2013 book, Killing Jesus.

O'Reilly has faced intense scrutiny over the past month as various outlets have uncovered discrepancies in stories the Fox News host has told about his work regarding the suicide of a figure linked to the investigation of John F. Kennedy's assassination and conflicts in El Salvador, Northern Ireland, Los Angeles, and Argentina.

O'Reilly has not been interviewed by a non-Fox journalist since the early days of the firestorm, instead issuing statements about aspects of it and referencing the controversy on his own show. There remain many lingering questions about O'Reilly's past statements.

National Geographic Channel is reportedly taking steps to ensure that tough questions about O'Reilly's embellishments don't interfere with the launch of their film. CNN reporter Tom Kludt -- who has reported extensively on the O'Reilly controversy -- said on Twitter this afternoon that the network had informed him that they had denied his credential to cover the program's premiere “out of respect” for the Fox host.

Kludt tweets

UPDATE: National Geographic Channel Senior Vice President of Communications Worldwide Chris Albert did not comment directly on Kludt's assertion that their publicist had told him he was rejected “out of respect” for O'Reilly, providing the following statement to Media Matters' Joe Strupp:

As we were finalizing the carpet list, we realized that our red carpet was overflowing. CNN had numerous requests for credentials and we needed to limit it to one crew. So we decided to decline a reporter who by his own admission doesn't cover red carpets. But we would like to thank Tom for bringing all this extra attention to our premiere tonight for “Killing Jesus.”