Bill O'Reilly: “We Will Deal With” Any Senator That Votes Against Kate's Law

O'Reilly: “I Simply Can't Believe That Any Sitting Senator Would Not Support Kate's Law, And We Will Tell You Exactly Who Steps Up And Who Does Not”

From the June 30 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): 60 votes are needed out of 100 to get the law in place for a full vote on the floor. Again, I simply can't believe that any sitting senator would not support Kate's Law, and we will tell you exactly who steps up and who does not.

By the way, Senators Grassley, McCain, Cruz, Rubio, and Sasse have been heroes on this. Also, standing alone next week in the senate, a new law that would hold -- withhold I should say, some federal funds from sanctuary cities, places that will not cooperate on federal immigration law.

The bill is sponsored by Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey and has a lesser chance of success than Kate's law, because so many Democrats are invested in the illegal alien industry. And that's what it is, an industry.


It is assumed that all the Republican senators will support Kate's Law and the punishment of sanctuary cities.

Summing up, simply inconceivable to me that any elected official would vote against harshly punishing violent foreign nationals who defy deportation. I can't fathom any responsible person doing that, and if a senator does vote against Kate's law, we will deal with that person.


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