Bill O'Reilly: “It Is Troubling” President Obama “Will Not Say The Words 'Islamic Terror'”

O'Reilly: “Obama's Continual Failure To Stop The Jihad, Or Even Define The Threat Accurately, Is Basically Down-Played By The National Media”

From the June 13 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): It is troubling that the current commander in chief will not say the words “Islamic terror” to define the threatening enemy. Again today, responding to the mass murder carried out by an ISIS sympathizer, Barack Obama would not reference the specific threat from the Islamic jihad.


President Obama doesn't seem to understand that you cannot contain evil. You must destroy it. His policies of retreat in the Middle East directly led to the rise of ISIS, a situation that has resulted in horrific mass murders in at least 20 countries, as well as the migration crisis now going on in Europe. At first, Mr. Obama tried to marginalize ISIS by calling it the JV, then he outsourced the fight to the Kurds and other groups, foolishly stating that they might be able to mitigate the threat.

Because the liberal American press has largely supported the retreat, Mr. Obama's continued failure to stop the jihad, or even define the threat accurately, is basically down-played by the national media. Summing up, America is under attack by Muslim fanatics. Just because they don't use tanks and planes doesn't mean it isn't war. It is.


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