Bill O'Reilly: An “Illegal Immigration Apartheid” Is “Now On Display In Certain Parts Of The Country” Due To Lax Immigration Policies

O'Reilly: “Most Americans Are Fed Up, And Given The Chance To Vote Like The British People, That Frustration Would Become Apparent”

From the June 27 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): The truth is, Democrats believe they need the immigrant vote to achieve and retain power, therefore, there is no motivation to stop illegal immigration and impose discipline and obeying the law. None. Talking Points firmly believes that most Americans welcome foreign-born people who come here the legal way.There is not a prevailing nativist sentiment in America, in fact, it's the opposite. Foreign-born Americans are generally hard workers, loyal to their new country, and that is widely admired.

But the folks have had enough with lax border security, amnesty, and the failure of Congress to pass even basic protections like Kate's Law. The left believes it is noble to promote policies that are “inclusive”, as they say in San Francisco. But while they are feeling good about themselves, anarchy has taken root. Resources stretched to the limit, and a kind of illegal immigrant apartheid now on display in certain parts of the country.

When scores of major cities say “blank you” to federal authorities, refusing even to detain criminal aliens? You know the breaking point has been reached. So most Americans are fed up, and given the chance to vote like the British people, that frustration would become apparent.

Come election day in November, it may be the economy, stupid. But a close second will be the government's responsibility to protect us from terrorism and chaos. We need to crack down on illegal immigration and those who undermine federal law. America needs a sane policy when it comes to admitting non-citizens, and we need strong leadership to deliver it. And that's the Memo.


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