Bill O'Reilly: Hillary Clinton “Has Not Really Achieved Anything Outstanding” In Three Decades Of Public Service

Bill O'Reilly: “If Hillary Clinton Is Elected President, There's Really No Reason For Optimism”

From the November 1 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): No matter who wins the presidency, Americans will be uneasy. Let's take Hillary Clinton first. Mrs. Clinton has devoted herself to public service for three decades, but has not really achieved anything outstanding.

Her major accomplishment was helping the state and city of New York after the 9/11 attack. As senator here, she did a very good job getting resources into a devastated area. As secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton actively participated in President Obama's failed attempt to place the U.S.A. in a subordinate position overseas.

As we all know, Mr. Obama did not want to lead, rather he hesitated in the Middle East, in Afghanistan, in confronting Russia. That policy is turning out to be disastrous, and Hillary Clinton was his secretary of state for much of the retreat. That is not a partisan analysis, that is a fact.


If Hillary Clinton is elected president, there's really no reason for optimism.


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