Bill O'Reilly Goes After Colleague George Will For Criticizing Trump

O'Reilly: “Memo To George Will. Drop The Personal Stuff. Tell The Truth”

From the December 8 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): It's a problem almost every president-elect has had. Certainly Barack Obama and George W. Bush experienced it. Those who oppose their elections sought to undermine both men as soon as they won. That's happening now with Donald Trump. But here's the difference. When Mr. Trump, the undermining is occurring on both the left and the right. Case in point, conservative George Will, Washington Post columnist who also provides analysis for Fox News. Will despises Trump, feels that he is an intellectual inferior, and even left, Will did, the Republican Party because of Trump's nomination.

Now it's certainly George Will's right as both an American and an analyst to criticize not only Donald Trump but any powerful person he wants. We have no beef with that. What is troubling, however, is that much of Will's negative analysis is driven by personal animus. And it is here that he does his readers and viewers a great disservice. Last night on Special Report will hammered trump over the Carrier situation. 


Putting the annoying “at the at the end of the day” cliche aside, every hour of the day Will's analysis is ridiculous. It is true that Carrier corporation has an obligation to maximize profits. That's true. But if it does that by hurting the country in which it is operating, then the man in charge of that country, the president, has an obligation to challenge that. Under Will's analysis, which is absurd, any corporation hurting American workers should be left alone, hey, it's their business, let them do what they want to do, maximize profits. Does that make sense to you? Does it really?

President Trump's obligation, his obligation -- and it should have been President Obama's as well but it wasn't -- to try to protect American jobs. So Trump had a conversation with Carrier and basically said, “if you hurt your workers by moving to Mexico expect that we will use legal tariffs to hold you accountable.” That's not socialism. That's hardball economics. Socialism, as George Will should know, is the government actually running the economy, telling Carrier what they can charge for their products, or what wages they have to pay their workers. That's socialism.

Trump's simply saying to every American company, “we expect you to help the USA by finding a way to keep and create jobs here. And if you move abroad and jobs are lost, you will pay a legal price.” Again, that's what President Trump should be doing. That's what President Obama did not do. And that's a reason why wages are stagnant, too many jobs have been moved overseas. Memo to George Will: Drop the personal stuff. Tell the truth.


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