Cunningham and caller rant about Obama, Sotomayor, Tiller: “It's almost as if God wants to punish America”

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From the May 31 edition of Clear Channel's The Big Show with Bill Cunningham:

CUNNINGHAM: Let's continue now with Al in San Antonio, probably listening on 1200 News Radio WOAI. Al in San Antonio, the home of the Spurs, welcome to the Bill Cunningham show.

CALLER: Well, thanks, Bill, for taking my call. Last time I got through to you, I had to disconnect because my battery went dead, but I'm plugged in tonight, so you can't get rid of me that quick.

CUNNINGHAM: I'm not getting rid of you. I love San Antonio.

CALLER: Hey, I was just gonna chime in on George Tiller. I heard the news this morning on my way to church, and my heart sank at first, and then I had a hard time restraining my sense of poetic justice, justice.

CUNNINGHAM: I know what you're feeling, but I don't know we right-to-lifers how we can advocate right to life and then find joy in someone's death.

CALLER: No, I didn't find joy, but I did find a sense of at least the killing is gonna stop from his hands.


CALLER: And my wife and I had a chance to be part of the protest movement against him back in 1991, the Summer of Mercy, and we were arrested up there because we were protesting on public sidewalks --

CUNNINGHAM: So you went to Wichita, Kansas?

CALLER: We did. Yeah, we drove up there. Spent two weeks up there, and spent a little time in jail because he got the Catholic, if you will, federal judge to say that we couldn't be on public property and protest.

CUNNINGHAM: Well, you know, George Tiller's death, I will not shed a tear, I will not say a pray for him. I think if there is a Hell, he's in the bottom of that Hell because he willingly, knowingly participated directly in the killing and murder of literally thousands of babies over a 30-year career.

CALLER: More than that. He was breaking the law and they knew it, and they went after him before the last Republican attorney general got drummed out of office up there in the state of Kansas. Because of they -- not reporting statutory rape. And they -- he just got acquitted recently, as you know, for not getting a second opinion in these cases because the life of the mother is supposed to be part of that decision. Of course, he had somebody on retainer who was a consultant. But he didn't always consult with her. But it didn't matter if he was paying her to give the opinion. You know, it's just -- and he got acquitted on it, for crying out loud. And here he is not -- upstanding deacon in the Lutheran Church --

CUNNINGHAM: And how does that work? He was killed in a Lutheran church. If you're head of the Lutheran Church, do you want Dr. George Tiller as one of your ushers?

CALLER: Or deacons.

CUNNINGHAM: I don't get that.

CALLER: I don't get it either. And that's the whole point. I think what triggered this guy that probably killed him is he got off on this last court case and he just - he went over the edge. But pro-lifers in general are not that way. We are peaceful protestors and we try to make sure that peoples' minds are changed rather than taking their life.

CUNNINGHAM: And now what's going to happen is the same thing that happened -- Timothy McVeigh. When McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, what happened is that talk radio came under assault because Bill Clinton used that as an excuse to go after conservative talk radio. And what's gonna happen now with Dr. George Tiller's death this morning in Wichita is that NARAL and others are gonna blame the right to life movement. Al, it's gonna be you, you're gonna have blood on your hands. You're gonna be the one responsible. And watch how the media turns this this coming week.

CALLER: Absolutely. Well, I'm glad I got my guns first.

CUNNINGHAM: Well, whatever you got, because I tell ya what, the media does not like right-to-lifers. The media does not like white men. The media do not - they do not like Christians. And so if you fit in all those categories, the media does not have a good sense of you at all.

CALLER: Guilty as charged, and I'm a military retiree.

CUNNINGHAM: Oh my gosh, military. Military! So you're white, male, straight, and in the military -- have been. Well, that's a problem.

CALLER: Yeah, I'm clearly off the edge.

CUNNINGHAM: You're doing -- in fact, Judge [Sonia] Sotomayor has ruled that if you're a white male, you do not belong to any gender or racial classification. And because white men were slave owners 175 years ago, you are responsible for all of their despicable acts, and you have to pay, Al, you understand that.

CALLER: Well, of course, that was before my ancestors got here --

CUNNINGHAM: That doesn't make any difference. If you have white skin, and you have male genitalia, that is sufficient to make you guilty. It's called quotas, affirmative action, and you are responsible, Al.

CALLER: Absolutely.

CUNNINGHAM: Will you take responsibility for the failures you caused in your family, your state, in San Antonio, and in America because you're a white male? You understand how bad you are.

CALLER: I know but I can't accept responsibility, I wasn't here.

CUNNINGHAM: It doesn't make any difference, you have white skin, that's sufficiently to make you guilty. And we have a Supreme Court justice who has declared proudly that white men are not part of any gender or part of any race. And that you can be officially discriminated against because of the color of your skin and she wants to sit on the highest court in the land. In fact the Democrats are saying she will sit on the highest court in the land, and the President Barack Hussein Obama, a street agitator from Chicago, has scoured the nation to find the wisest and the best judge he could find, and the only one he could find, he says, is a woman who claims that white racism, as long as the object is a white male, is acceptable. So he looked all over the planet and found the one woman, in the Ricci case, who said that discrimination against white people is acceptable, and that's the person he picked.

CALLER: Yeah, we knew it was coming though, didn't we?

CUNNINGHAM: Yeah! Elections have consequences. You know we get what we deserve. It's almost as if God wants to punish America. And Obama thinks abortion is a sacrament. He never saw an abortion bill he didn't like. And when the Baby Born Alive Act was thought to be passed in Illinois, he was the only state senator that voted against allowing babies to live once they're born. And then Notre Dame University, the Fighting Irish, some might say the No. 1 Catholic/Christian university in America, invites him to be their commencement speaker. Notre Dame looked all over America and they found the No. 1 advocate of abortion to speak on a Catholic campus.

CALLER: Ain't that something?

CUNNINGHAM: Well, I'm thinking, you know, Al, what world am I living in?

CALLER: Well Australia's looking better than I ever thought before.

CUNNINGHAM: Australia? Well Al, back to work, and I compliment you and I thank you for your work on the pro-life movement, but you're about to be held responsible for the death of Dr. George Tiller.

CALLER: I know it, I'm ready, thank you.

CUNNINGHAM: God bless you.