Santilli Doubles Down On Clinton Attack: “I Want To Shoot Her In The Vagina And Let Her Suffer” Over Benghazi Actions

Extremist radio host Pete Santilli is defending and reiterating his inflammatory attacks on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, stating on his program that he wants “to shoot her in the vagina and let her suffer right before my eyes.”

In a May 17 rant captured by Right Wing Watch, Santilli called for the Bush family and President Obama to be shot and for Clinton to be “shot in the vagina.” The Secret Service told TPM Media that they would investigate Santilli's comments in order to “determine what a person's intent is when making comments like this.”

SANTILLI: You need to understand that what I said was very clear. I didn't want Hillary Clinton to die. I want her to suffer painfully, right in front of me, after she's convicted for committing crimes against humanity. Tried for crimes against humanity. For drug trafficking, for killing human beings, anybody that opposes that is an idiot.

Now, the penalty for which I would volunteer to shoot her right in the vajayjay. I want her to remain alive, I don't even want the death penalty for that. I think my penalty is more lenient than the penalty for treason.

Santilli pushes whacked-out conspiracy theories like the claim that the Sandy Hook shooting was a “satanic sacrifice” and that the World Trade Center was brought down by a “high energy weapon.” Despite all this, gun advocates like NRA board member Ted Nugent and Gun Owners of America's Larry Pratt have appeared as guests on Santilli's program.

During a May 20 discussion with his guest, David Lory Vanderbeek, who argued that Clinton “should be executed” for “treason,” Santilli reiterated his attack.

SANTILLI: I don't even want to disgrace this segment by referring to what I said on my show 'cause I say what I say and I think you already know that. We've already had discussions about that. I say what I say. But I'm going to tell you this: I was very specific in my commentary that's all over the press today in that regard -- that I don't want her to die. I've actually done something and said something that's less humane: I want her to suffer.

Whereas people like you, who are rational and logical and lawful and constitutional want to bring the death penalty to her by hanging for treason. I want the opposite: I want to shoot her in the vagina, and let her suffer right before my eyes on behalf of all of the people who have died at her hands.

Santilli went on to accuse Clinton of being “directly involved” in holding off military intervention in Benghazi and guilty of “obstructing justice” by “holding off” an FBI investigation into the attack.

SANTILLI: She says that she wanted -- “we wanted to immediately respond and timely and blah blah blah blah and I called all the shots” -- if you called all the shots, you deserve to be tried, convicted and shot in the punani, okay?

Along with his guest, Santilli rehashed several long-debunked conspiracy theories that allege that the Clintons engaged in drug running in Mena Arkansas, and claim that a list of “assassinations” associated with the couple is authentic. Santilli also accused Clinton of shipping arms to Al Qaeda.