In Meltdown Over Obama Win, Neal Boortz Compares President To Al Qaeda, Adolf Hitler

Conservative talk radio host Neal Boortz unleashed an astounding array of attacks on President Obama on Thursday, likening him to figures such as Adolf Hitler and serial killer Ted Bundy, as well as terrorist groups Al Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia.

Boortz, whose Atlanta radio show is nationally syndicated, was addressing a commentary by Herman Cain, in which the former Republican presidential candidate congratulated Obama on his reelection. Boortz replied: “OK, Herman Cain, that's BS.” He continued:

BOORTZ: I would like to congratulate Richard Speck. I would -- you know, I would like to congratulate Ted Bundy on sneaking into yet another sorority house and killing another coed. I would like to congratulate Adolf Hitler on his invasion of Poland. I would like to congratulate the -- Al Qaeda for their successful attack on New York City. I would like to congratulate the Ansar al-Sharia crowd over there in Benghazi for their successful assault on our consulate.

Congratulate Barack Obama? I'm sorry, Herman, love you but you can take that and stick in that phony damn cowboy hat of yours.

He went on to accuse Obama of being “dedicated to the destruction of our economic system” and the “weakening” of America and the U.S. military. Boortz also called Obama a liar and a thief and claimed he gave “away enough to con a bunch of ignorant, stupid voters into giving him the power to carry out his anti-American schemes.”

He concluded by saying, “I fear that man,” adding, “The Bible, according to Barack Obama: Though shalt not steal, except by majority rule.”

Boortz continued to reject Cain's comments, saying later in the show that congratulating Obama was tantamount to congratulating a thief after his successful theft of your car.

He ended his commentary by saying, “What are they gonna do? Fire me?”

According to Talkers Magazine, Boortz holds a national audience of about 6 million weekly listeners. He was ranked by the magazine as the 13th most influential radio talk host in the nation this year.

News/Talk WSB in Atlanta, Boortz's flagship station, reported on June 4 that Cain will replace Boortz as the host of his daily show when Boortz retires in January 2013.

Boortz, who has a history of inflammatory attacks against African-Americans, working-class Americans, and immigrants, previously likened Obama to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and said that Obama “is a bigger disaster to this country than 9-11.” That comment drew harsh criticism from 9-11 victims' families.