Ben Stein Tells Unemployed They're Lazy, Again

You have to hand it to Ben Stein of American Spectator, he's consistent.

Just last month, he wrote that most unemployed have “poor work habits, poor personalities.”

In another post today, he did it again, writing:

... here is an interesting note: there are high levels of unemployment but the employers I talk to say there are severe labor shortages of skilled labor at every level from carpenters and plumbers to CEO's of biotech companies. And, as noted before, in my small circle of friends, anyone who has good work skills and a decent personality can get a job. I am not talking about the national scene. Just my little world. The chronic complainers and the malcontents and the unrealistic are the ones who cannot find work they want. The people who really want to work can get work. It might not be great work, but it's work.