Watch Ben Shapiro cut off a questioner after losing a debate

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Citation From an April 27, 2022, Young America's Foundation event, posted to YouTube

QUESTIONER: My family is very messed up.

BEN SHAPIRO: I mean if you go through a trauma like the Holocaust, I imagine [INAUDIBLE] --

QUESTIONER: They teach that trauma between generations, you know what I mean.

SHAPIRO: I mean trauma very often, in a lot of circumstances, is passed down. I know some kids of Holocaust survivors who have done fantastic and some who didn’t.

QUESTIONER: Yeah, yeah, yeah, so you are officially woke. That is what is wokeness is about.

BEN SHAPIRO (YAF SPEAKER): So let me ask you a question. If the idea is that history has consequences, of course that's true. That's not wokeness. That is not wokeness. What wokeness suggests is fundamental institutions in American society --

QUESTIONER: No, it doesn't. 

SHAPIRO: Yes, it a hundred percent does.


SHAPIRO: There are racist people who exist. The argument that you're making -- and I'm going to close with this because this is going in weird directions and I don’t really want to --

QUESTIONER: No, no, no, no. It's not going in a weird direction. This is all wokeism is. 


You are not characterizing what I'm saying accurately. 

SHAPIRO: Now it's my turn. Your definition is inaccurate. The reason your definition is inaccurate is because any sentient human being would acknowledge that history has consequences. 


SHAPIRO: But if the idea is -- that's not what wokeism is. Wokeism is a different thing. Wokeism suggests all inequalities today are attributable to not only historical injustices, but also continuing injustices in the now. And that all disparities are attributable to discrimination --

QUESTIONER: I've never heard anybody it like that but a conservative.

SHAPIRO: Not just that --

QUESTIONER: A conservative is the only person, and I want to know why. Why is that conservatives are the only people who define it like that? Why are conservatives the only people --

SHAPIRO: We're going to have to stop this here because this is going nowhere.

QUESTIONER: What's up?

SHAPIRO: I'm going to have to stop this with you because this is going nowhere. 

QUESTIONER: This is not free speech, this is being censored. I thought you were a free speech warrior.