Complaining about marriage equality, Ben Shapiro claims that LGBTQ people are plotting to impose their “belief system” on everyone

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Citation From the December 14, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): I think that it's important to note here that what we saw yesterday at the White House is the beginning. It is not the end. Everybody who is pretending that this was the endpoint of the same sex marriage movement, the endpoint of the LGBTQ, minus, plus, divided by sign movement, is going to be same sex marriage, is dead wrong. 

And Joe Biden said that out loud yesterday. It is very clear that the goal here, the goalposts keep moving. They keep moving because in the end, what the LGBTQ plus, minus, divided by sign movement is about is not merely that they should be able to live the life that they want without being bothered in the privacy of their own homes, the idea is that the ideology that undergirds their belief system must be imposed on you. You as a religious person, in your daily life. You in your schools, you in your churches. The notion that this is going to stop is just a lie. It's not true. 


You can say a lot of things about same sex relationships, but it is very difficult to claim that they have the same societal value as traditional male-female dyads producing children, which is what the institution of marriage is predicated upon. The institution of marriage is just an enshrinement of the simple biological fact that men and women combined to create children and then raise those children. That is all that marriage is. You can pretend that other forms of relationship are equivalent, you can pretend that other forms of relationships have similar societal value, they do not.