Ben Shapiro: Worst Supreme Court rulings of all time includes cases recognizing marriage equality and employment protections for LGBTQ individuals

Shapiro: “Obergefell is going to have deep and dramatic consequences moving forward.”

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Citation From the February 2, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): Taylor says, What were the top 3 worst Supreme Court decisions for our country? How are we feeling the effects of them today? So, it is worth noting that many of the bad Supreme Court decisions of the past have been reversed.


Roe v. Wade would be another one of the worst decisions ever made.


And then, I will say that I really believe that, in the end, the Obergefell case is going to end up being a sea change in American society. I said it at the time. When Obergefell was decided, which suggested that there was – it stated outright that there was a constitutional right for two men to marry one another. Not that, in the opinion of Justice Kennedy same-sex marriage was the same thing as heterosexual marriage and good people could disagree. But that there was a constitutional-mandated right that states could not, actually, prefer traditional marriage to same-sex marriage, which effectively suggests that sex is a construct, because if sex doesn't matter in the context of defining marriage, then what exactly is sex important for?

I mean, truly, that's the thing where sex matters the most is within the confines of marriage. It is about procreation and the creation of children, obviously. Obergefell led the way to the androgynized society that we are now pushing for. And to the notion that you're a bigot if you're a religious person, that there's no traditional wisdom that is embodied in religion. And to the idea that if you oppose same-sex marriage it's because you're a bad person - not just because you actually don't care what somebody does in their private life but that doesn't mean that the public standard for marriage ought to be anything other than one man, one woman. Obergefell is going to have deep and dramatic consequences moving forward.

I think the Bostock decision in which Neil Gorsuch ruled the wrong way. I think that one is going to have dramatic ramifications, trying to read gender –gender identity – into the Civil Rights Act, which is an absurdity of all absurdities. These things are going to have tremendous after-effects.