Ben Shapiro threatens boycott over airline employees choosing their uniforms: “It’s an attempt to propagandize in favor of gender confusion, obviously”

Shapiro: “I know which airlines not to fly with my kids, in the future.”

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Citation From the January 31, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): Alrighty, so are you prepared to get on a flight with your children and then have to explain why that dude is wearing a dress? Well, prepare thyself, because apparently this is now a thing. According to the Wall St Journal, when Tyler Curry joined JetBlue in 2022, he was surprised to learn that the airline offered its employees the choice to wear whatever they wanted, regardless of gender. Perhaps he was surprised because that policy is idiotic. That policy is really, really stupid. I will tell you why, because boys should wear boy clothes and girls should wear girl clothes. I know, this is really, really difficult stuff. That doesn’t mean girls can’t wear pants, there’s such a thing as girl pants. But as a general rule, yes, men should wear male clothes and females should wear female clothes. It is bad to deliberately blur the lines between the sexes and it is particularly bad to expose children to that sort of gender confusion.

You know, by the way, an easy fix for this would be to have, like, gender neutral uniforms. Like wear pants and a shirt. But they’re not going to do this. Instead, they would rather keep the gender binary but allow men to participate in female clothing so that you have to explain to your kids about all this sort of stuff. Well, I know which airlines not to fly with my kids, in the future.


I just have a question, when did it become the job of the airlines to make their employees feel good about themselves with their mode of dress? Why doesn’t the airline just say, here is what the women wear, here is what the men wear, end of story. And the answer is absolute sheer cowardice, it is ridiculous, and now you’ve placed the onus on parents to explain to children why some people are crazy enough to want to wear the clothes of the opposite gender in public as a deliberate attempt to force these sorts of conversations with small children. It’s an attempt to propagandize in favor of gender confusion, obviously. That’s the only reason to do this. And then when you notice, they get mad. Again, the face tattoo syndrome, I’ve mentioned it before, it’s a thing. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. The doing something deliberately politically provocative in order to elicit a response and then attack people for noticing. It's everywhere.


There will be a backlash to this sort of stuff and there should be a backlash to this sort of stuff, because it turns out that gender is good. The gender binary is a good thing. Society needs masculine males and feminine females. Society fails to function when these things are lost. Total androgyny, or, by the way, maintenance of a sexual binary but allowing people to switch between the sexual binary is not good on a societal level. This does not mean that you should discriminate or be mean to individuals. It does mean that when you have full on corporations promoting this sort of ideology, that has dramatic society wide impacts that are not particularly good, but you’re supposed to celebrate. Celebrate or you’re a bigot is the rule now.