Ben Shapiro: “The sound was off on his computer” is the most likely explanation for Trump retweeting “white power” chant

Shapiro: “When you are bored, you just start retweeting things”

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Citation From the June 29, 2020, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show 

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): So this reared it's ugly head yesterday, again, when President Trump decided to retweet a video. And this made national news because, again, it's reflective of a narrative that the left would like to push, which is that President Trump is a white supremacist. Now, I think what actually happened here is the same thing that happens to a lot of people on Twitter. When you are bored, you just start retweeting things. And when you retweet things, you don't always watch the video all the way to the end. And President Trump, as we know, has the attention span of a gnat. Right? The President of the United States -- he literally will not read presidential briefings that are put on his desk. They have to put them in bullet point form and then he doesn't even read those. He will ask for those to be shortened. Again, the man is not famous for sitting there and reading tomes of Winston Churchill. Right? 

So when it comes to watching videos online, my guess is he saw a person driving passed with a Trump sign, and then he just retweeted it. Right? That is the most likely explanation. Does anyone really think that President Trump -- even the people who think that "wow, he's a racist dummy and all of that" --  even those people. Do you think that he really would intentionally retweet a video in which somebody is shouting "white power," which is what happens in this video? Okay, are there a lot of people think who think that that would be like -- like, just out of simple self-preservation, if he'd actually known what was in the video, you think he would have tweeted it? Or, is it more likely that just everybody else, the sound was off on his computer, he sees a person yelling with a Trump 2020 sticker on the front of the golf cart. Trump loves everybody who loves him, this is a simple fact of the matter. And so, he retweets the thing.