Ben Shapiro says Laura Ingraham was “trying to save Trump from himself” during the Fox News townhall

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Citation From the February 21, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): What is a bad line for Trump is for Trump to discourage people from using mail-in ballots again. Have we not learned our lesson at this point? If you're the Republican Party, you should be encouraging your people to use mail-in ballots. Anything that gets them to vote would be the thing that you should be telling them to do. Donald Trump told people not to vote by mail in 2020, and he lost. If he had told people to vote by mail, there is a better than 50 percent chance that he would have won because that was a very close election in the swing states, and Republicans refused to vote by mail because Donald Trump told them they should not vote by mail. And the problem is this -- even if 90 percent of the people that Donald Trump told not to vote by mail showed up on polling day and voted,10 percent didn't, and those votes were never entered into the ballot box. Why would you do this? You know where Republicans have won broad victories? In places like Florida, where the governor of the state, DeSantis, he actually said, yeah, go vote by mail. Do whatever you have to do to vote. Vote legally. Do what you need to do. Vote early, but vote for us. That's how you win.

But here is Donald Trump, again, downgrading mail-in -- why? Why? Unless you're actually gonna fight the law in the courts and have laws changed and overturned about mail-in voting, you have to play by the rules that are on the field right now. You can't argue about the rules while the game is in process. That's not helpful or useful. It means you're going to lose if you do that sort of stuff.

Here was Trump ripping on mail-in ballots. Laura's trying to save him, by the way. That was a lot of the interview last night, is Laura Ingraham trying to save Trump from himself and Trump being like, no, I'm gonna run directly into that tree. That tree looks amazing. Let's do it.