Ben Shapiro: “Republicans don't tend to riot in general”

Shapiro: “January 6 is so notable because it was an exception”

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Citation From the June 3, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO: Trump also pointed out that, while he might be okay with house arrest or jail, the public might not be up for that sort of thing. Which, again, this is correct. Doesn't mean riots. He's speaking with Hegseth — Pete Hegseth, who we interviewed on our Sunday special, you should go check it out. And President Trump said, maybe they'll throw me in jail or house arrest. The American people, I'm not sure, are gonna stand for it. Now, how does that manifest itself? Republicans don't tend to riot in general. January 6th is so notable because it was an exception. Quick, name another Republican riot. You can't. And that one was largely because President Trump was still president at the time and was physically capable of leading a rally from which a breakapart went to the Capitol building. But if Donald Trump is not president at anything in Washington DC, is he gonna see, like, wide-scale -- everybody's gonna leave their jobs. See, the thing is, we Republicans, we tend to have jobs a lot. We're all gonna take the weekend off and head on up to Washington DC and disrupt the inauguration or something? That's something Democrats do in 2017.