Ben Shapiro rails at the UAW strike, mocks union jobs, and blames Joe Biden for recent strikes

Shapiro: “This administration is basically owned by the unions lock, stock, and barrel”

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Citation From the September 19, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): Meanwhile, Janet Yellin is claiming that we really shouldn't worry about this UAW strike.


SHAPIRO: Okay, but the entire reason this strike is happening, like all the other strikes that have happened on Joe Biden's watch, is because everyone in union world thinks that Joe Biden is on their side. So they are now all taking advantage of the easy money policies and the inflation of the Biden administration in order to strike against their employers, hoping that the Biden administration is gonna come in and ram down some sort of beneficial deal to them that will, in the end, bankrupt these car companies, again. Remember, the car companies went bankrupt the first time because of rich union contracts, including defined benefits pension plans - that's exactly what the UAW is seeking right now.

All of this can be laid at the footstep of this White House. All of this stuff. These strikes, these UAW strikes, again, are just part of a broader whole picture here, which is that the unions have paid off Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for literally decades on end, and finally, they got their man in the White House, the most pro-union president since Barack Obama, and probably more pro-union even than Barack Obama, who's too elitist. Joe Biden has been in the pocket of the unions since day one in Wilmington, Delaware. Well now, all of these unions are seeing their moment to shine.


When it comes to the auto manufacturers, they're all getting their lunch eaten by Tesla, which is a nonunion shop. It is amazing how we can keep relearning the same lessons over and over and over again.

Now all the – all the dolts who suggest that it's unions that made American life so wonderful during the 1950s, 1960s; it was the union job, the union job where you sat there for 10 hours a day doing riveting. Or whatever.

And neglect the fact that a lot of those jobs, you know, now is you sitting in an air-conditioned office doing another kind of job, and that your grandfather who had to sit out there in the factory doing the riveting would kill for your job right now.

Put that aside. The fact is that the real reason America boomed during the 1950s is because every other place on earth was on fire during the 1940s.


This administration is basically owned by the unions – lock, stock, and barrel. Unions know that, and they are pressing while the iron is hot.