Ben Shapiro mocks a child for spelling errors in her letter to Joe Biden

Shapiro: “The notion that we should take our political lead from small children who can't spell”

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Citation From the March 15, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): Well, as we say, Joe Biden has to distract from what is happening in the economy right now because things are starting to get very, very ugly. And again, there are not a lot of options on the table. Either the Federal Reserve is going to have to increase inflation or they're going to have to increase the possibility of bank busts and recession and possible depression. There is no third option there. Those are the only options that are on the table. And so, Joe Biden has to distract.

And so yesterday he released what is one of the oddest tweets I've seen from a President of the United States -- that's saying a lot because Donald Trump used to tweet a lot. Joe Biden put out a tweet. The tweet was a tweet of a small child -- I'm not kidding -- it was a tweet from a -- it was a letter from a small child and it said -- oh, it's so cute because it's all misspelled and there's erasures and all this stuff.


Ok, so, first of all, congrats to Charlotte's mom on getting her letter retweeted by President Biden. No one who spells that poorly has those kinds of thoughts, unless they're injected by the parent. Ok. Like my son, he spells better than that, he's six. So I assume this kid's, like, five maybe. And writing that letter to the president.


Well, yeah, he should probably build an economy where his daughter is also able to knock up a stripper and then abandon the child and or snort parmesan cheese off the carpets and be called the smartest person he knows. I mean, equity, folks, equity. But the President of the United States tweeting out a letter from a small child filled with misspellings in order to promote the notion that women are paid less on average than men is -- I hate this form of politics so much. It's so stupid. The -- well, even a child can see it. Even a child knows.

First of all, children, they're stupid. Just going to tell you right now. I got three of them. They're smart for children and they are stupid for adults because they are children. The notion that we should take our political lead from small children who can't spell -- writing, being like you need to be fairer to women, Mr. President.