Ben Shapiro: Joe Biden's speech at Independence Hall was designed to incite violence “to use as a case to run in 2022 and 2024”

Shapiro: “The basic idea here is to raise the temperature”

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Citation From the September 2, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show, streamed on YouTube

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): It is all the dictators you have ever seen in film or on screen, basically rolled into one and then wrapped into an image. What is his team doing? What is his team doing? Well, I think the answer is they're a very online team, the people who work for him, they spend all day on Twitter. And so over the past few weeks there's been this idea that Dark Brandon is rising, Dark Brandon of course is that meme that originally started in China.


It's the worst piece of presidential image making ever, truly ever. I mean imagine the sort of thought that had to go into this. And they're sitting around in a room thinking like, "What can we do to make the president really look cool? Well, what if we take a historic American site, you know, the site that is really know for liberty and for democracy and legality and what if we light it blood red, blood red, and we put the president in front of the blood red site, so it will be red and black, like the fascist color pattern. Let's do that. And then what if we actually front light him so he looks angry and demonic against that backdrop. And then what if we put a couple of Marines behind him to look like military force is what is backing him?"

This is a taxpayer sponsored event, by the way. You paid for this. So Joe Biden gave a speech and the speech was designed to attack all of his political opponents and treat them as enemies of the state. That's what this speech was designed to do.

I think in a very cynical way -- because Joe Biden basically gave you two messages, one, everyone who opposes me is an enemy of the state, and two, political violence is wrong, the basic idea here is the raise the temperature, I think it's more likely to result in acts of violence that Joe Biden is then going to use as a case to run in 2022 and 2024. I mean, this is extraordinarily dark stuff.


Really dark, really creepy, really fascistic, and man did he -- I mean there's a reason that satanic, demonic, and pure evil were all trending on Twitter last night.