Ben Shapiro complains about the holiday film Happiest Season for featuring a lesbian couple

Shapiro suggests Happiest Season is the kind of movie that will “slap your sensibilities in the face and treat you like you're a fool”

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Citation From the November 30, 2020, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): In the end, conservatives are going to have to get into the business of actually making entertainment because the left has decided that all entertainment is now to be woke. All of it. Right? Even holiday programming is to be designed toward pleasing and placating left-wing critics. For example, normal holiday fare tends to be pablum. Right? It tends to be the kind of stuff that is really not socially justice-oriented. It's sort of warms the cockles of your heart.

So Hulu decided this year that they were going to make their pitch a lesbian romcom. Now, listen, they can do whatever they want. Free country, the company can do what it wants. Typically, when you're talking about a religious holiday - which is what Christmas is. I mean it is a secular holiday for many Americans but it also happens to be a religious holiday - typically you celebrate that by, you now, celebrating things that don't directly cut against a lot of religious sensibilities. But that's the direction that Hulu has gone. And they've gone that direction so far that they've decided, the entertainment industry, that they have to go to places like Hallmark and then browbeat them into making pieces on lesbian and gay couples even though the main constituency for Hallmark is largely religious families with small children. You know, that's their prerogative. All of these are free companies, they can do what they want. But, it means that conservatives can and should build alternatives. 

Again, I'm not even saying that it's terrible to make a movie about -- that's a lesbian romcom. Make whatever you want. All I'm saying is that if you're a conservative with conservative sensibilities, at a certain point you might get sick of the fact that Hollywood only wants to make the kinds of movies that you despise. Right? And only wants to make the kind of movies that slap your sensibilities in the face and treat you like you're a fool. Again, that movie from Hulu apparently -- I haven't seen it yet so I'm going by the reviews, which are, of course, one hundred percent positive -- the movie is all about how a conservative family learns that all of their religious values has been a bunch of crap for years. Which is always exciting news.