Ben Shapiro claims José Andrés is a liar and a “political radical”

Shapiro: “Chef José Andrés ... has been the singular force behind pushing the Biden administration into effectively undermining Israel's military effort to extirpate a terrorist group”

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Citation From the April 8, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): The reason that Israel is making all of these concessions to the Biden administration, such as a military pullout, appears to be just severe pressure from the Biden administration on Israel. That pressure is being brought about by the kinds of protesters who are shouting death to America in Dearborn, Michigan. Make no mistake, those are the revolutionary vanguard, and they are the leaders. And all they require is a little bit of cover from supposed moderates, from celebrities like chef José Andrés. So chef José Andrés is the head of the World Central Kitchen when he is not doing his chefing. The World Central Kitchen does a lot of good work in bringing food into very hard-hit areas in terms of war. Also, he is a political radical. He's been a political radical for quite a while. Those two things are not in particular contradiction. You can do good things and you can do bad things. Life is filled with these sorts of things.

Over the weekend, chef José Andrés, who has been the singular force behind pushing the Biden administration into effectively undermining Israel's military effort to extirpate a terrorist group that is currently holding over a hundred hostages, including five Americans. So he went on national TV where the legacy media who, of course, are also part of this broad spectrum left-wing movement. He went on national TV  and he suggested that what Israel is doing is a war against humanity itself, which is an incredibly vicious proposition. It is not true that Israel is in a war with, quote, unquote, humanity itself. Were it war with humanity itself, the World Central Kitchen never would have been coordinating with the Israeli Defense Forces in the first place. It's an incredible statement from a guy whose organization has been coordinating with the military that is currently engaged in a war with another entire entity to get aid in to the civilians of the other side. That's a crazy statement. That's like the Red Cross working with the Americans during World War II to try to bring aid to German civilians, and then the Red Cross turning around saying America is doing war on humanity. In any case, here's chef José Andrés, who again is a political radical on the left.


SHAPIRO: That is a lie and it's a disgusting lie. If it were a war humanity itself, Israel — as I've said a thousand times, has complete air superiority over the Gaza Strip, they could have just killed literally hundreds of thousands of people. Even according to Hamas statistics, which are largely falsified, Israel has killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 32,000 people. According to Israeli statistics, that includes at least 13,000 terrorists. And one of the things about being a terrorist in the Gaza Strip is that many of the people who are considered non-terrorists are 18-year-old men who put down a gun for five minutes, and now they're non-terrorists, and then they pick up the gun, and now they're terrorists again. What happened with the World Central Kitchen is indeed a tragedy. Israel has not only acknowledged that, Israel has fired the officers who were in charge despite the confusion about what actually happened.