Ben Shapiro argues for antitrust lawsuits against “collusion” of brands with Pride marketing

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Citation From the May 31, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): Now, it is worthwhile noticing here that one of the reasons why this has been a successful boycott and will continue to be a successful boycott is because the alternatives are readily available. Meaning, all you have to do -- you're at the grocery store. You don't like Bud Light because Bud Light decided that they were going to push Dylan Mulvaney, a man masquerading as a woman as a spokesperson. So, instead, you turn six inches to your right and you pick up some Coors. And actually, what you can see is that Bud Light sales are down 25 percent and Coors Light sales are up 25 percent. It just moved -- everybody moved from one brand to another. What happens when you're talking about a universal wave of companies, all mirroring the Pride month celebratory morality? What happens when that happens? How do you fight that? The answer here is going to be a bevy of lawsuits. This is going to be legislation and lawsuits. Because what we are watching right now is illegal collusion between these companies. I've used the word collusion, but it actually is legal collusion. So there are two separate lines of attack that are gonna have to be used legally in order to break up this corporate oligopoly. Okay? Line number one is going to be this is anti-competitive, this is violation of basic antitrust law.


So, you could easily see a situation in which there is a lawsuit against all of these companies, all these organizations for their ESG nonsense, their collusive ESG nonsense.