Ben Shapiro accuses parents of trans children of “crap parenting”

Shapiro: “It's Munchausen Syndrome by proxy”

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Citation From the March 7, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): Goody goody gumdrops have more heroic parenting, So much heroic parenting. Heroic parenting whereby parents deem themselves heroes by completely screwing up their kids for life. It's really exciting stuff. According to U.S. Magazine, US Magazine, proud mom Heather Jabra announced her 12 year-old child has come out as transgender. 12. 12. You're a terrible parent. Sorry, you are.


Also, it turns out that when you indulge your child in the bizarre fantasy that they can be a member of the opposite sex and start pretending that 12 year-olds, 12 year-olds are capable of making that decision to transition themself into boys, for example, constructing -- presumably you go all the way through the process a false penis from arm flesh that will never work properly. You will never be a man. It's never going to happen. That you are somehow a better parent for this. It's Munchausen Syndrome by proxy. Pat yourself on the back as you screw your kid beyond all recognition for life.


That is not your job as parents. I am sorry. It is not your job as parents to give your kid a, quote, safe and supportive environment so that they can grow up in a screwed-up way. It is your job to provide rules and roles and actual guidance. That is your job as a parent. Safe environment would be from outside influences that, for example, teach them lies like you can be a member of the opposite sex. And you do not have a duty to support delusion. In fact, you have a duty to fight delusion in your children. I'm sorry. This is textbook crap parenting.


Guys, I got to say, the genetic situation here, the notion this is all biologically-driven and non-environmental at all, I don't think that's true. I think that is a giant ass lie.


So you're telling me that this family has four kids and the only one of the kids who is, presumably a straight, cisgender person is Nick. And that's just cause we don't know Nick. Max is gay. Kat's a lesbian. And Ace -- we don't know the fourth kid's name -- Ace is a transgender boy, is what you're telling me. So, question, question. Like, Darwin -- do you think that this is, like, basic evolution? Are we watching here, like the evolution in real time of humanity as we enter a new phase of sexual orientation and sexual identity? Or, perhaps, are we engaged in a mass delusion whereby parents basically usher their kids into gender and sexual confusion and wreck their lives? Because I'm finding that this is -- I'm finding it weird to think that, genetically speaking, you have four kids and three of them end up as LGBTQ. Just by the percentages, I don't see how that works.

Are we -- is it just you and your husband? Like, is that the genetic parenting or is it maybe that when you decide that the height of parenting is you being a good mom, you being a good mom is to, essentially, mainline your kids into radical gender ideology and sexual orientation culture, that it's -- that they enter into that culture. Maybe that's what's going on. And guess what? You think these kids are all going to be happier? Are they all going to be happier? This is all genetic, guys. It's all genetic. I have serious, serious doubts. Serious doubts.