Ahead of trial for the murder of George Floyd, Ben Shapiro defends Derek Chauvin at length

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Citation From this March 2, 2021, edition of The Daily Wire's The Ben Shapiro Show

BEN SHAPIRO (HOST): The medical examiner in that particular case struggled to find evidence that the knee on the neck George Floyd is what actually caused his death. There is good video evidence from before the actual eight minute clip that everybody has seen that George Floyd was acting in extraordinarily erratic ways. That he was resisting arrest, that he appeared to be suffering from a condition that's known in the police community as excited delirium where people are high on drugs and then their heart rate starts to rise extremely fast, they start to act very, very erratic. And then, if they have underlying health conditions in any way then, you know, in certain instances they die of that underlying health condition. In Minneapolis statutes of police use of force do allow the kind of hold that Chauvin was using on George Floyd. George Floyd was explicitly asked not to put in the car. They tried to push George Floyd in the car. He said he wanted the windows open, they opened the windows for him. He then pushed his way out of the car. And then he said he wanted to be outside the car at which point they held him down. 

And, again, just medically speaking, if somebody says that they cannot breathe -- if you can say that you can't breathe, that typically means that you can actually breathe. What that means, medically speaking, is that you're actually having a heart condition. Right? Very often when someone says they can't breathe, that is not because you're having a closure of the trachea, right? It's not about your neck being in some way pressured. There was no damage that was done to George Floyd's neck in the autopsy.