Watch Student Who Introduced President Obama At Mosque Call Out The Media's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Sabah Muktar: Obama's Visit Is An “Assurance” For Young Muslims “Constantly Bombarded By Anti-Islamic Rhetoric ... Portrayed On The Media”

From President Obama's February 3 Remarks At The Islamic Society of Baltimore:

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SABAH MUKTAR: In these uncertain times, some of us might find ourselves doubting where we fit in this society. Personally, this visit by our president is an affirmation to all Muslims we are just as American as any other. It's a gesture that invites inclusiveness of all faiths and color. More importantly, it's an assurance for the Muslim-American kids constantly bombarded by anti-Islamic rhetoric that they belong. Fortunately, I've had personal interactions that have allowed me to reach a much different perspective than what is normally portrayed on the media. When most see this piece of cloth on my head, I don't automatically get deemed terrorist. Rather, most see me as an individual. My experiences have taught me that most are accepting and believe, regardless of faith, color, or gender, we are all Americans. And as such, we are all obligated to uphold the rights of every individual. 


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