UPDATED: Uh-oh, another bump in Obama's approval rating; that's not a story the Beltway press wants to tell

You know the drill. Inside the Beltway, only polling trends that show Obama's popularity declining are considered newsy and important and worthy of trend stories. Polls that show Obama gaining support? Not so much.

In other words, good news is no news.

And that's why you haven't heard much about the latest CNN poll that has Obama's approval rating spiking six points in just the last two weeks. Heck, even CNN didn't think that was the news hook for the polling data, which is why in its online write-up, CNN didn't mention Obama's approval bump until two-thirds through the article.

Question: If CNN's poll, on the eve of controversial health care reform passing, showed that Obama's approval rating had dropped six points since early December, do you think that would qualify as 'news'?

Yeah, me too.