The Associated Press “rammed” GOP talking points on impeachment process vote

The lead of The Associated Press’ article on Thursday’s House of Representatives impeachment process vote echoed the Republican talking point that the inquiry is a partisan process — when, in fact, the vote was held largely because of Republican demands for one.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats rammed a package of ground rules for their impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump through a sharply divided House Thursday, the chamber’s first formal vote in a fight that could stretch into the 2020 election year.

The tally was 232-196, with all Republicans who voted opposing the resolution and just two Democratic defectors joining them.

It was not until the 22nd paragraph that the AP explained that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “decided to have the vote following weeks of GOP claims that the inquiry was invalid because the chamber had not voted to formally commence the work.”

And indeed, Pelosi has faced weeks of political pressure from Republicans and their right-wing media allies to hold a vote on formal procedural rules for an impeachment inquiry, even though a vote is not constitutionally required.

Soon after Pelosi announced earlier this week that the vote would take place, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) responded by declaring, “We will not legitimize the Schiff/Pelosi sham impeachment.”

When the vote actually did take place, The Associated Press, whose stories run in outlets across the country, failed to emphasize that important background in its coverage, instead focusing on the partisan split.