The AP Produces The Worst Article About Government Employees You'll Read All Day

The Associated Press wins the prize with this stinker headlined “Anger brews over government workers' benefits.”

In paragraphs 1 and 2, the AP passes along a Wisconsin woman's criticisms of government workers. In the third paragraph, the AP tells readers “She's not alone in seeing public servants as public enemies in some ways.” In the seventh paragraph, the AP gets around to acknowledging “A USA Today/Gallup poll last month found show [sic] that Americans largely side with the employees.” Then: Nine consecutive paragraphs devoted to detailing the minority's hostility towards government workers. And even more as the article goes on ... and on ... and on about this alleged wave of anti-government worker sentiment. (Which, again, is a minority viewpoint.)

Eventually, and hilariously, the AP offers this passage:

[Abel] Stewart, 36, the director of contemporary worship at a Methodist church in suburban Toledo, says he has a hard time conjuring up sympathy for the government workers he's seen protesting because of all the time he's spent working with struggling immigrants.

“These are middle class people who have a house, who have enough food, who are complaining they don't have enough,” he said. “Instead of fighting for their piece of the political pie, they'd be better looking at how to live within their means.”

That's not a unanimous view.

“Not a unanimous view”? That's quite an understatement: It isn't even a majority view, as the AP grudgingly acknowledged in paragraph seven. Incredible.