Prominent pro-gun radio host promotes the dangerous practice of openly carrying firearms where they are explicitly not allowed

Mark Walters: “I walked out of there … laughing, because I’m carrying a gun in violation of their policy”

Mark Walters brags about breaking gun policy

Mark Walters with Armed American Radio
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Citation From the October 10 edition of Salem Radio Networks' Armed American Radio:

MARK WALTERS (HOST): Here’s my take on this. I told listeners -- you remember me telling you this, listeners, that, you know, like David said. You can’t boycott anybody, your boycotting Walmart isn’t going to hurt Walmart at all. They don’t care about your business. It’s not going to hit them in their pocketbook, I’m sorry, it’s just not going to. That’s just the sad reality. There are enough people that shop at Walmart that they will be able to absorb exactly what we’re talking about right now. Particularly if they do it incrementally, air gun by air gun, over the next 10-12 months, next 13 months, next two years. It isn’t going to impact them. You have to make the decision in your own head how much you’re going to take, and by whom.

That’s why you -- we were talking about, when you have to say we pick and choose our fights. David, my deal was, Walmart didn’t say to me, “Don’t bring your concealed gun in here." They said, “Don’t openly carry your gun in here." That’s all. I walked into Walmart, I did it just two days ago, openly carrying my gun by the way, I went to get some shipping supplies, the only thing I buy in Walmart, for my books, I walked in openly carrying a Glock sidearm, went right through the line, walked right back out, no one said a word to me. Not one.      

WALTERS: David, I walked out of there to get my prime meat for my smokers, laughing, because I’m carrying a gun in violation of their policy and I’m not violating any law. To me, I like that. Isn’t that a way to get them back? Because I’ve picked up the phone before and called Costco and said, “I was just in your store, laughing and carrying my sidearm in violation of your store policy. And your store was safer and I just spent $150 in there on USDA prime beef that I'm going to smoke up the hood with over the next couple of days. So take that to the bank."