Homophobe Ann Coulter -- “the right wing Judy Garland” -- to headline party for gay GOP group

Right-wing author and noted homophobe Ann Coulter is slated to headline "Homocon 2010" on September 25 in New York City benefiting the gay Republican group GOProud. On the event's invitation, GOProud refers to Coulter as, “the right wing Judy Garland!”

Now is as good a time as any to note Coulter's long history of homophobia, gay baiting, and name-calling when it comes to the LGBT community:

Now that's what I call strange bedfellows. Who knows how many slurs she'll direct at members of the organization?

I'm actually surprised the group hasn't invited Michael Savage (née Weiner) to headline an event given his anti-gay history.

h/t Towleroad