Coulter falsely blamed Arizona county attorney for dropping charges in pie-throwing case

Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter falsely accused an Arizona county attorney of anti-conservative bias for dismissing charges against two men who allegedly threw pies at her during an October 2004 speech. In fact, the blame lies with Coulter herself; the charges were dropped becuase neither she nor the arresting officer appeared for the scheduled trial.

Coulter attacked Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall for allowing the charges against her alleged attackers to be dropped, claiming that LaWall did so because the accused men were liberals.

From Coulter's April 14 nationally syndicated column:

Then on March 19, all charges were dismissed against the “Deliverance” boys -- including a felony charge for $3,000 worth of damage to school property. Inexplicably, this outcome did not instantly lead to widespread rioting and looting in South Central Los Angeles.

Democrat Barbara LaWall is the Pima County attorney who allowed the liberal debate champions to walk. LaWall brags on her website about “holding criminals accountable.” She didn't say anything about liberals, however. Be forewarned, conservatives: Do not expect the law to protect you in Pima County.

In fact, the Arizona Daily Star reported on April 16 that it was not LaWall but Coulter who was ultimately responsible for the charges being dropped, as she and the arresting officer failed to appear for the March 18 trial date, despite repeated reminders. The Daily Star also reported that the court dismissed the charges with the understanding that they could be refiled, which the county attorney's office intends to do.

According to the April 16 Arizona Daily Star:

The two 24-year-olds are accused of throwing cream pies at Coulter as she spoke before 2,500 people on that date.

[Philip] Smith and [William] Wolff were scheduled to go to trial March 18, but neither Coulter nor the arresting officer showed up, [Chief Criminal Deputy David] Berkman said.

As a result, Deputy County Attorney Carlos Betancourt was forced to ask that the case be dismissed, with the understanding that it could be refiled, Berkman said. His request was granted.


Coulter was sent repeated notices of the court date, and she will be notified of the new court date as well, Berkman said.

He said it should also be noted that Coulter never contacted prosecutors to find out the resolution of the case.

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