Ann Coulter's 'Adios, America' Is Just A Series Of Recycled Nativist Talking Points

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter recently credited hate website editor Peter Brimelow with inspiring the attacks on progressive immigration policy within her new book, 'Adios, America.' In fact, many of the ideas presented in the book appear to be closely modeled after ideas presented by white nationalist and anti-immigrant extremist movements in America.

Coulter And Nativists: Our Immigration Policies Are Designed To Favor “Misogynist Cultures”

Coulter Claims US Is Seeking Immigrants From “The Most Misogynist Cultures.” In Adios, America, Coulter asks “why are we importing primitive cultures that are centuries behind the West in their regard for women and children?” Further, Coulter claims it is “sheer madness” to be “welcoming cultures with medieval views on the sexes.” Additionally, she claims that “it's as if Ted Bundy designed our immigration policies to ensure that the most misogynist cultures go to the head of line.” [Adios, America, pg. 143; pg. 145, 2015]

Coulter's Language Mimics Nativist Organizations The Social Contract Press and VDARE. The white nationalist publication of The Social Contract Press, The Social Contract, and white nationalist website VDARE, have both claimed our immigration policy favors “misogynist cultures”:

The influx of low-skilled Hispanics will continue, despite claims that the Senate formulation will admit more skilled immigrants. Hispanics have a culture of misogyny that isn't going away, either here or points south.


Washington is also importing misogyny from the Middle East. [VDARE, 9/24/13]

Why is it never mentioned in immigration debates that women's rights are endangered by the demographic mix now entering the country? Do Americans blithely assume that millions of foreigners steeped in misogynist cultures will be magically transformed into egalitarian citizens when they arrive on our shores?


The majority of current and likely future immigrants come from countries where the rights of women are few or nonexistent. American women should question how safe their recently won political and reproductive rights will be with millions of misogynist men added to our society. Most non-European cultures still regard women as inferior, yet we are urged to embrace this anti-woman ideology - multiculturalism - as better than our own. Exactly where are these marvelous egalitarian societies that we should emulate? [Social Contract, Winter 99-00]

SPLC: The Social Contract Press “Routinely Publishes Race-Baiting Articles Penned By White Nationalists.” According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), The Social Contract Press “routinely publishes race-baiting articles penned by white nationalists” and was “created by John Tanton, the racist founder and principle ideologue of the modern nativist movement.” The organization is considered a “hate group” by the SPLC. [SPLC, accessed 6/16/15; SPLC, Summer 2002]

SPLC: VDARE Is “An Anti-Immigration Hate Website.” According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “ is an anti-immigration hate website” and “regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists, and anti-Semites.” The SPLC also explains it has a “White Nationalist” ideology. [SPLC, accessed 6/16/15]

Coulter And Nativists: Hispanic “Illegals” Are Burning Down Our National Parks And Are “Prodigious Litterers”

Coulter Claims Undocumented Immigrants “Intentionally” Set Fires And Litter. In Adios, America, Coulter wrote that undocumented immigrants “intentionally” start fires to “distract” border patrol agents while “violently attack[ing] firefighters trying to extinguish the blazes.” She also claimed that “Hispanics are prodigious litterers” and that “the Mexican cultural trait of littering is well known to everyone, except American journalists.” [Adios, America, pg. 197; pg. 207; pg. 204, 2015]

Coulter's Comments Echo Nativist Organizations NumbersUSA, CIS, And VDARE. NumbersUSA, part of the Tanton network of anti-immigrant nativist groups, also claimed that “illegal aliens set at least five fires in the Coronado National forest over a 10-day period in an effort to burn out Border Patrol agents.” The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), an anti-immigrant nativist group that is also part of the Tanton network, blamed “escalating violence” in national parks committed by “illegal aliens” on a “mismatch between wildlife conservation laws and border security.” According to, the website edited by white nationalist Peter Brimelow, “it's not as if littering is some tragic flaw permanently inscribed in Latino DNA. It's a bad habit, a cultural defect.” [NumbersUSA, 2/19/15; CIS, 3/3/11; VDARE, 9/10/13]

SPLC: NumbersUSA, CIS Both “Stand At The Nexis Of The American Nativist Movement.” According to an SPLC publication on “The Nativist Lobby,” CIS, NumbersUSA, and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) “stand at the nexis of the American nativist movement.” The piece continues:

CIS was conceived by Tanton and began life as a program of FAIR. CIS presents itself as a scholarly think tank that produces serious immigration studies meant to serve “the broad national interest.” But the reality is that CIS has never found any aspect of immigration that it liked, and it has frequently manipulated data to achieve the results it seeks. Its executive director last fall posted an item on the conservative National Review Online website about Washington Mutual, a bank that had earlier issued a press release about its inclusion on a list of “Business Diversity Elites” compiled by Hispanic Business magazine. Over a copy of the bank's press release, the CIS leader posted a headline -- “Cause and Effect?” -- that suggested a link between the bank's opening its ranks to Latinos and its subsequent collapse.

Like CIS, NumbersUSA bills itself as an organization that operates on its own and rejects racism completely. In fact, NumbersUSA was for the first five years of its existence a program of U.S. Inc., a foundation run by Tanton to fund numerous nativist groups, and its leader was an employee of that foundation for a decade. He helped edit Tanton's racist journal, The Social Contract, and was personally introduced by Tanton to a leader of the Pioneer Fund. He also edited a book by Tanton and another Tanton employee that was banned by the Canadian border officials as hate literature, and on one occasion spoke to the Council of Conservative Citizens, a hate group which has called blacks “a retrograde species of humanity.” [SPLC, February 2009]

Coulter And Nativists: Support For Immigration Reform Is A “War” Against America

Coulter: Democrats Support Of Immigration Reform Is A “War Technique” And “Tactic” To Change The American Landscape. According to Coulter in Adios, America, Democrats supporting immigration reform are using a “war technique” to “instruct immigrants on hating the country” and get them to vote for Democrats:

Being openly hostile to America has become a part of ethnic pride. U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez calls on his own country (technically, the USA) to “stop the deportation of our people [emphasis added]!” Don't be thinking that just because he's a member of Congress, sworn to uphold the Constitution, that his first loyalty is to the United States. That's where you always make the same mistake. Gutierrez told Newsweek that he has “only one loyalty, and that's to the immigrant community.” When demanding special treatment, immigrants are minorities oppressed by America; when they commit crimes or terrorist acts, they're “local man.”

Sending undesirable immigrants to an enemy nation is a war tactic, such as, in 1980, when President Jimmy Carter idiotically offered to take any Cubans who wanted to come to America and Fidel Castro responded by emptying Cuba's prisons and mental institutions onto the Mariel boatlift. Today, immigration is again being used as a war technique by America's enemies: Democrats. Instead of Communist dictators conniving to send their headaches to the United States, American liberals are conniving to bring them here-- and then hand them voter registration cards. Third World immigration is a win-win for the Left. They can instruct immigrants on hating the country and get their housework done at the same time! [Adios, America, pgs. 21-22, 2015]

White Nationalist Richard Spencer: “Immigration Is A Kind Of Proxy War.” The National Policy Institute's Richard Spencer, who recently spoke at the “white nationalist” American Renaissance Conference, called immigration “a kind of proxy war -- and maybe a last stand -- for White Americans” :

Immigration is a kind a proxy war--and maybe a last stand--for White Americans, who are undergoing a painful recognition that, unless dramatic action is taken, their grandchildren will live in a country that is alien and hostile.

There are many within nationalism and traditionalism, as well as the “hard Right” of Beltway conservatives, who are convinced that the GOP is acting like “the Stupid Party” in supporting the mass immigration of millions of likely Democrats. [The National Policy Institute, 2/1/14; SPLC, 4/20/15]

IREHR: Richard Spencer “At The Center Of A Growing New International Network Of White Nationalists.” According to the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights, Spencer is a “white nationalist” who is seeking to bring “American white nationalism to Europe.” The article continues:

By early 2009, Spencer could no longer hold back his fixation on “contemporary white consciousness.” In a May 29, 2009 TakiMag piece entitled “White Like Me” Spencer opined, “In our increasingly globalized world (it's not just a cliché), race hasn't been obscured or overcome, as many had hoped, but heightened and magnified--and contemporary white consciousness, if we're to use this term, is so complicated and bizarre (more on that below) that no serious cultural publication should refrain from discussing it.” [IREHR, 6/27/14]

Coulter And Nativists: A Majority Of Nigerians Have Engaged In Criminal Activity

Coulter: “In Nigeria, Every Level Of Society Is Criminal.” According to Coulter in Adios, America, “America is hopeless against the criminal cultures being foisted on us by immigration from the Third Nigeria, every level of society is criminal.” She continued:

America is hopeless against the criminal cultures being foisted on us by immigration from the Third World [...] Americans think only dumb people become criminals, but that's not true in the Third World, where criminality transcends social class. 

In Nigeria, every level of society is criminal, with the smart ones running internet scams, the mid-range ones running car-theft rings, and the stupid ones engaging in piracy and kidnapping. At the University of Lagos, you can major in credit card fraud." [Adios, America, pg.111, 2015]

The Social Contract: Nigerian Immigrants Engage In Criminal Activities. According to a Spring 1993 piece in The Social Contract, “75 to 90 percent” of Nigerian immigrants “have been involved in an impressive and innovative variety of fraud schemes, often using extensive Nigerian networks across the country.” The piece continues:

Investigators have uncovered 'classes' where earlier Nigerian settlers train newcomers to the U.S. in the subtle arts of credit card, banking and insurance fraud and keep up to date on new techniques. Police have discovered phony Nigerian companies that exist only to reply to credit inquiries and provide references and employment confirmation. A network of cells of three to fifteen members each have been found. Each cell of 'boys' usually has an identifiable leader who acts as recruiter and trainer of new members, most of whom are found on college campuses. Unlike traditional organized crime, however, Nigerian organizations make no territorial claims, are highly mobile, and display no clear hierarchy. [Social ContractSpring 1993]