Ann Coulter Seizes On GOP Debate To Launch Derogatory Attack On Jews

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter posted a derogatory attack on Jewish Americans in response to mentions of Israel during the second Republican presidential debate.

During the September 16 Republican presidential debate on CNN, Coulter lamented that (sic) “Cruz, Huckabee Rubio all mentioned ISRAEL,” writing a series of inflammatory tweets:

Coulter has previously asserted that “we” Christians “just want Jews to be perfected ... That's what Christianity is,” during a 2007 interview with Donny Deutsch on CNBC's The Big Idea.

UPDATE:  In a September 17 interview, Ann Coulter told The Daily Beast “she didn't mean to say that Jews were hoarding influence in this country,” and the controversy surrounding her inflammatory tweet “was all based on a misunderstanding.” Coulter asserted "'I'm accusing Republicans of thinking the Jews have so much power. They're the ones who are comedically acting out this play where Jews control everything.'" The Daily Beast's Jay Michaelson pushed back, noting “if Coulter's point was to criticize Republican candidates pandering to Israel ... isn't it still problematic to say that a group of politicians think Jews have too much power?” to which Coulter responded, “this episode is not going a long way to disprove that.” Michaelson concluded by pointing out “even if asking how many fucking Jews there are isn't, itself, anti-Semitic, it sure stirred up a lot of Republicans who are.”