On Roland Martin Unfiltered, Angelo Carusone discusses how right-wing pundits engage in “a working the refs strategy” on cable TV

From the October 4 edition of Roland Martin Unfiltered:

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ROLAND MARTIN (HOST): Part of the problem is, you've got a bunch of these anchors on these cable networks who are not well-versed people, who don't know facts, therefore, they can't do real-time fact-checks when somebody lies in front of them because they've been, frankly, depending on the producer you don't see hand them little blue cards to tell them what to ask on television. 

ANGELO CARUSONE (PRESIDENT, MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA): That's totally true, and I think what you were getting to too is this idea that they're so concerned about cries of liberal bias, that they're biased, that they do engage in false equivalencies. So, a large part is that they don't have the resources to do it, and I bet even if many of them did know something was a lie, they still wouldn't call it out. Or, if it wasn't true, they still wouldn't call it out, because they're too afraid to be viewed as political one way or another. And the part that really concerns me is, that's a working the refs strategy that the right-wing started in the 90's. And now they're doing the same thing on the social media front, right, the way that they're saying Facebook and Google are out there to get them. And that's the same playbook that was deployed in the 90's. 


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