On MSNBC, Angelo Carusone explains the “new wave of vulnerabilities” created by launch of Meta's Threads app

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Citation From the July 9, 2023 edition of MSNBC's American Voices with Alicia Menendez

ANGELO CARUSONE (PRESIDENT & CEO, MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA): The way that I break it down is this. The fact that there’s an alternative, it can cut both ways. In some ways it’s a good thing because it means that the potential of destructive influence of Twitter could be slightly mitigated in -- not that Twitter itself would have been a good actor or a bad actor, it’s definitely going to be a bad actor, but that actually gives an alternative for things that Twitter provided that there wasn’t a viable alternative for now and that is in how journalists and media figures interact with each other, it’s how decisionmakers interact with each other and so far Threads is at least signaling that it can be a conduit and a home for those things. And that matters.

Here’s the downside. The downside is that it’s another platform that has power, likely to have power as we head into this cycle and that means a new wave of vulnerabilities -- from foreign threats, from right-wing media figures, and in this case the entity that’s going to determine whether or not those vulnerabilities are likely to materialize is Mark Zuckerberg.

And frankly he failed the test the last two cycles.