Angelo Carusone talks to CNN's Sara Sidner about QAnon candidates running for Congress: “We're at the beginning of this, not the end”

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Citation From the June 2, 2021, edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360

SARA SIDNER (CORRESPONDENT): Angelo Carusone with the liberal watchdog group Media Matters tracks QAnon's political clout. He says their research shows the January 6 insurrection didn't kill the Q conspiracy -- it's emboldened it by broadening the movement. 

So far, the group says for the 2022 races, 19 congressional candidates, 18 of whom are Republicans, have shown support for QAnon conspiracies. 


ANGELO CARUSONE (PRESIDENT, MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA): We're at the beginning of this, not the end. A large reason why it has such political power is not just because QAnon adherents are very energized, and so they're a good go-to for politics, but they donate. They give money.