Monumentally dumb, even for The American Spectator, cont'd

Last time I checked in with the fringe pub's Matthew Vadum I was having trouble detecting anything even remotely coherent from his supposed blockbuster (“Special Report”) about how Obama was going to desecrate the memory of 9/11, or something. It was lots of ranting about how Obama this year was going “to erase the meaning of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks from the American psyche.” (How'd that scoop pan out, Matthew?)

Vadum is back for another tumble through the looking glass. And after trying my best, and re-reading his efforts many times, I'm still not entirely sure what he's talking about. And a a journalist, I'm not sure that's the take-away you want to constantly leave readers. Just sayin.'

But, as best I can tell, Vadum on Tuesday claimed the White House's Patrick Gaspard used to work for ACORN. Why this matters, Vadum never really spells out. (i.e. He never claims any wrongdoing on Gaspard's part.) Readers are simply supposed to react in shock and anger, I guess, because ACORN's a massive criminal enterprise? Right on cue, the right-wing blogosphere reacted in horror. The ACORN scoop was huge news. Of course, it turns it wasn't true. (Pretty much by definition these days, a right-wing blog scoop has be false. That's just the way the game is played.)

Ben Smith at Politico knocked the story down the way journalists traditionally do (with facts), and then the central source in Vadum's story backtracked and conceded Gaspard never worked for ACORN.

So, with his scoop in shambles, what does Vadum do? Same thing he did in September when his Obama-9/11 story was in shambles. He doubles down with more impossible-to-follow fantasy, borderline sci-fi writing. This time, the gist is that ACORN to the Average Joe is such a mysterious and complex and un-knowing entity, that only Vadum, with his year's worth of dedicated ACORN 'reporting,' can really determine the facts. (Mere mortals like Smith aren't up to the task.) Only Vadum, using some sort of special right-wing, X-ray vision glasses, is able to tell the truth about ACORN. Only Vadum can properly connect the dots. And oh yeah, he has secret evidence that's he's not willing to disclose.

Question: Does Vadum still have secret evidence to prove how Obama was going to “erase the meaning” of Sept. 11? Just curious.