On her radio show, Trump co-defendant Jenna Ellis says that Trump has a “malignant narcissistic tendency to simply say that he's never done anything wrong”

Guest Steve Deace shared Ellis’ sentiment, claiming Trump “can’t admit” he’s not God and might spend eternity in hell

Jenna Ellis: Trump has a “malignant narcissistic tendency to simply say that he's never done anything wrong”

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Citation From the September 14, 2023, edition of American Family Radio's Jenna Ellis in the Morning

STEVE DEACE (GUEST): You do not rise above your own worldview. This would require something of Donald Trump, his entire life that he has evaded and in his mind, successfully, whether it's with failed marriages or businesses. He has avoided repentance. 


And he won't do it. People want — Just give me something. I want to forgive, I want to embrace, I want to be all in. And he won't provide it because that would require admitting he was wrong. That he is a sinner. And ultimately we can't rise above our own worldview, and we need to remember there are founding fathers who are in hell for all of eternity who did some great work but they didn't bow the knee to Jesus either. They didn't repent of owning slaves either. And they're in hell now because of where — because of that, those decisions. And so will he be. Because of these kinds of decisions and Jesus ain't going to say, “Hey, you appointed the three justices that overturned Roe, so let's just totally forget the fact that you never actually bowed the knee to me.” That's not how this works. And we are acting in too many cases as Christians in the political sphere like it does, and before that man needs to be president again and before he needs to stop — escape the quote-unquote, “witch hunts,” that man needs Jesus again because you make these kinds — or first, that you make these kinds of decisions that go against what would even be in your — his ambitions would be fueled by showing some self-awareness. And he won't do it because he can't admit, “I'm not God.”

JENNA ELLIS (HOST): Yeah, really incredibly well said Steve, and I think that you perfectly articulated exactly how I as a voter feel and you know, and I know him well as a friend, as a former boss, I have great love and respect for him personally. But everything that you just said resonates with me as exactly why I simply can't support him for elected office again. Why I have chosen to distance is because of that, frankly, malignant narcissistic tendency to simply say that he's never done anything wrong. And the total idolatry that I'm seeing from some of the supporters that are unwilling to put the Constitution and the country and the conservative principles above their love for a star is really troubling. And I think that we do need to, as Americans and as conservatives and particularly as Christians, take this very seriously and understand where are we putting our vote.