On American Family Radio, Jenna Ellis demands Congress address “the trans issue” after Nashville school shooting

Guest Sen. Tommy Tuberville falsely claims parents push 5-year-old to transition, says assistant secretary of education is “a transgender.”

On American Family Radio, Jenna Ellis demands Congress address “the trans issue” after Nashville school shooting

Tommy Tuberville on Jenna Ellis/AFR
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Citation From the March 30, 2023, edition of American Family Radio's Jenna Ellis in the Morning 

SEN. TOMMY TUBERVILLE (GUEST, R-AL): I've had a hard time sleeping since the Nashville shooting, you know, kids being shot in an elementary school. You've got to be kidding me from a transgender person who's mad at the world for some reason. And it's all about mental health. I've been hammered by CNN and all these people up here because I said, listen, the gun problem, if it's not a gun, it'd be a car or a bomb. It is mental health in this country. I saw it in the schools that I worked in for the last 35, 40 years in coaching, going to high schools. I've seen it. These kids, we give them drugs at young ages for attention deficit and now we're talking about doing transitions for kids that are five and six years old because the parents think, 'oh, we'd rather have a boy or girl.' What in the world is going on with our country? People have lost their dang minds and we've got to get control of this. 

JENNA ELLIS (HOST): So well said. And that's the one thing that the left doesn't want to talk about is the impact of the trans ideology into our culture and ultimately why these types of incidents occur. Because we know from the manifesto that somehow we don't have access to, but we know that this trans person intentionally went to this school and targeted Christians and targeted Christian students. And for the left to somehow then say, well, just because this trans person didn't feel accepted at home, that somehow justifies this type of intentional homicide of children is grotesque. And yet there's nothing, it seems like, that's being done by Congress to look into this. Do you anticipate or have you had conversations with your fellow senators about perhaps addressing the mental health crisis and the trans issue?

TUBERVILLE: Well, I'm on the Health Committee, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, and we brought mental health problems up. We have a transgender that's, I think, Secretary of  — Assistant Secretary of Education. And I mean, it's just a weird situation to be around. And let me say this, I have nothing against you. Want to be whatever you want to be. Okay, but at the end of the day, you have to be in control of your emotions and yourself. Quit blaming other people for what you are to control your life. This country owes you one thing, and that's an opportunity to make the best person of yourself. And. But it doesn't give you the right to shoot other people, to hate other people, to push your agenda on of the people. But that's what's happening up here.