“Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander: “I agree. We need a good authoritarian leader for like 10 years.”

On a Twitter livestream, Alexander says “a ton of journalists ... need to be jailed”

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Citation From Ali Alexander's March 30, 2023, livestream on Twitter

ALI ALEXANDER ("STOP THE STEAL" ORGANIZER): And I'm just thinking, like, "The one thing you don't do is tell me what to do." I will — I will spite myself to do whatever people are telling me not to do. I will — like, "Ali, don't protest the election. Ali, don't do January 6." Ali loses all money, gets accused of crimes, sued up the wazoo, subpoenaed up the wazoo, has his name drug in the dirt and, like, don't tell me what to do. I'm just going to fucking do it, you know? I'm going to do it. I don't care. We'll do it live. We'll do it live. 

Like, there's nobody more than me who's going to do it. Trump's not even going to do it. You know what I'm saying? Like, Trump is a coward compared to me. I have put more on the line than Trump. So, it's just a fact. It's just a fact. You know, I mean, you know, I'm not Trump. I would have said, "Bring out the snipers." That's what I would have said. I would have said, "Forget Secret Service and my cabinet walking with me, bring out the snipers." Let's just tell these people, "You want to dance? Let's dance, you know?" That's what I would have done, and the Summer of Love. I would have said, "OK, well, you want to call it the Summer of Love? Let's get nasty. Let's get nasty." That's what I would have said if I was the president on that —

Someone said, "A big talk for a nobody." I'm a somebody. I started an insurrection.

So I would have — I would have gone up to the White House podium. And I said, "You in the media are trying to rattle up your little Bolsheviks 100 years later, just like you did during the so-called Spanish flu. So I know what you guys are up to, you Freemasons, you Bolsheviks, and you scribes. And I just want to let you know, you dub this the 'Summer of Love'? I'm going to dub this, 'come get some.' I'll be Daddy. BDSM? All right. Come strapped." That's what I would have said. And I would've said, you know, that's what I would have said. So, you know, I would have invited the governors to the White House and then boom, sent in the National Guard while they were up in the air. I would have put them up in the air. I would have sent military planes to put the governors in the air with no cell phone reception, no reception of any kind. And I would have had the National Guard invade these states. 

So, you know, you don't want me as president. You don't want me as president because I'll just get stuff done. I will just get stuff done. I will, you know, just get stuff done. And metaphorically, of course. 

And I would have jailed a bunch of journalists, you know? I think there are a ton of journalists that frankly need to be jailed, and a ton of other journalists that need to be monitored.


I agree. We need a good authoritarian leader for like 10 years. It's just a healthy, cathartic reset, you know? I mean, you know, the right authoritarian is full of love. Benevolent, beautiful, you know?