On War Room, Alex Jones lays out a plan to use the military for mass deportations

Alex Jones: “Deport their ass at the point of bayonets with the US military"

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Citation From the March 13, 2024, edition of Real America’s Voice’s War Room  

ALEX JONES (GUEST): We must deport all military-age men that came here illegally, whether they're Black, white, or Brown. Deport their ass at the point of bayonets with the US military. 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Walk me through, you talked to the U.N. NGOs. What is their role in this invasion of our country? 

JONES: Well, if you remember, it's so critical. They fired Lou Dobbs 6, 7 years ago, whatever it was, off Fox Business because he showed documents where Soros was getting billions a year from the State Department and USAID to give two thousand and one thousand and three thousand dollars and euro cards to the illegals coming in out of Africa and the Middle East into Europe.

BANNON: Given your understanding of the military and law enforcement, how do you actually deport 12 million people out of the United States? 

JONES: It's very simple. They've already got databases of the MS-13 and the main criminals, and they, because they're dangerous, they SWAT team them. The first week Trump is in office, and they send a message, and then they, ship them directly out, of the nation.

Tens of thousands are gang members from Venezuela alone. If Venezuela doesn't take them back, we put massive sanctions on Venezuela's oil. That's fine. We've got plenty of it here. You make examples of the home countries to make sure they're going to accept them, and you round up the hardened criminals first, you know, the hundred thousand of them or so. That could be done quickly.

And then through all these government-issued cell phones and debit cards and NGOs, you start arresting, because of all the fraud and money laundering and crime and human trafficking of children, you start arresting, indicting, and arresting some of the NGO heads of these different NGOs, Catholic charities, that Jewish charity, the Soros charities, you play hardball, and then they will contact all of the illegal aliens they brought in and told them to report to deportation centers regionally, and then we'll give them debit cards to go the other way.

Hell, give them give them $10,000 debit cards. I mean, that'll save us, you know, millions off what it would cost to take care of each one of these people, upwards of 90% of these illegals never even get jobs. They get permanently put on welfare. They're here to destroy the country. So it's a military option. That's not martial law. The Democrats already know Trump's going to do this, so they're calling it martial law.

No. The federal government is supposed to control the borders and is supposed to find invaders and ship them out. And so you go after the NGOs. You cut their money off. You start indicting them. You round up the criminals first, and then you start going to the work sites and all the other places and then the Democrat, you know, events, and you literally say, let me see your ID, when they've got probable cause, and you grab them and you throw them in the back of a truck and you ship their ass out of here.