Trump Media Ally Alex Jones On Brussels Attacks: “This Is The Ultimate False Flag”

From the March 22 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

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JONES: So we got 34 dead, ISIS is taking responsibility. Donald Trump has shown his geopolitical foxiness in that he told AIPAC yesterday, just hours before this happened, that NATO has been basically backing ISIS, and is no friend of Israel.

And that's just true. How astute. Hollande, Merkel, France more than anybody, has been backing Al Qaeda and now Islamic State, it's the elephant in the room. All over the Middle East, all over North Africa, especially Libya and Syria, and that's what's so frustrating about watching the communist Hollande, the communist Merkel, go, “We will stand strong against this terror. We will keep the emergency going and take all your rights and arrest anybody who's right wing and criticizes Islam.”

They bring 'em in, unvetted, they let 'em attack, and then they take your rights. This is the ultimate false flag.


Brussels attacks are a false flag. I want to go with that, then all the enemies and detractors will come in and attack us, national news will say that I said it didn't happen, and then everyone will find the truth and millions will watch it.

It's a real Islamic attack. But when you bring 'em in and you know they're going to attack and you know a bunch of 'em are terror cells, then you are aiding and abetting, it is a false flag.

In fact, guys, there's a whole bunch of British, and Dutch, and French and German news and also Greek news. Please print me all the stories. I just thought of this. Where they admitted quote “over 500 of a known Islamic Sunni terror group have come in just from Greece alone in the last year,” that was a few months ago in mainstream news.

There's a bunch of others that they know that terrorists are coming in with the refugees and they're not vetting them by design, just like Obama won't vet 'em and won't even look at their ID cards when they come in. So Trump says, “We need to check their IDs and stop it until the IDs are checked.”

And they call that outrageous and crazy, when it's default common sense.


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