Trump Disavowed Racist Butler, But Works With Ally Who Said Clinton Should Be “Executed For Murder”


Donald Trump publicly disavowed his former butler after violent, racist comments from him emerged, but as recently as last week Trump spoke with Roger Stone, who said Hillary Clinton should be “executed” and called an African-American commentator a “stupid negro.”

Mother Jones reported that Donald Trump’s former butler, Anthony Senecal, who also served as the in-house historian for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, had posted a series of racist Facebook posts filled with violent imagery directed at President Obama.

Senecal said “our pus headed ‘president’” should “have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent in his first term.” He also referred to Obama as a “prick” who “needs to be hung for treason.”

After the story was published, the Secret Service indicated it would be investigating Senecal’s alleged threats.

The Trump campaign told CNN that they “totally and completely disavow the horrible statements made by him regarding the President.”

But Trump is still closely connected to dirty trickster Roger Stone even after Stone’s history of violent and racist rhetoric had been exposed.

Stone worked for Trump’s presidential campaign until August of last year, and since then has promoted Trump’s candidacy and runs a super PAC supporting Trump. Stone said he speaks with Trump “on a semi-regular basis” to discuss politics and the campaign.

On the May 6 edition of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ radio show, Stone said he had spoken with Trump earlier that day.

Stone has used rhetoric very similar to the butler that Trump has now condemned.

On his Twitter feed, Stone claimed that Hillary Clinton “must be brought to justice - arrested , tried , and executed for murder,” and called Bernie Sanders a “Soviet agent” who “should be arrested for treason and shot.” Stone also said philanthropist George Soros should be “detained, charged, tried, convicted and executed” and called for Connecticut governor Dan Malloy to be hanged.

Stone also fantasized about the deaths of several media figures. He told journalist Jill Abramson to “DIE BITCH,” wrote about CNN commentator Ana Navarro “killing herself,” and said of Fox commentator Ed Rollins: “If he isn’t dead he should be.”

Stone used racist language online as well. He said that commentator Roland Martin is a “stupid negro” and a “fat negro,” called radio host Herman Cain “mandingo,” and described former Rep. Allen West as an “arrogant, know-it-all negro.” Stone also said Al Sharpton is a “professional negro” who likes fried chicken.

He also referred to Roland Martin (who is African-American) and Ana Navarro (who is Latina) as “quota hires” because they are “so dumb and unqualified that one can reach no other conclusion.”

After Media Matters publicized Stone’s comments, CNN said they had banned him from appearing on their network, as has MSNBC

Alex Jones, who has emerged as a leading Trump supporter, called for columnist George Will to “blow what little is left of your brains out” in response to his opposition to Trump’s candidacy.