Trump Ally Stone Warns That Obama And “Globalists” Could Start “World War” To “Retain Power”

Stone: “This Is War As A Pretext For Stealing This Election”

From the October 14 edition of Genesis Communications Networks’ The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Roger, there’s like an insanity in the air it seems like, I mean you’ve got Podesta with emails about wet work, you’ve got all this other craziness going on, you’ve got this obsession with clowns and clown attacks, I mean have we woken up in an insane asylum?

ROGER STONE: Well we’re in wag the dog territory, this is war as a pretext for stealing this election, and you’re right, the American people seem to be completely oblivious that we’re likely to go to war in a conflict in which I can’t find any inherent interest of ours, nor can I find friends on either side. I mean, Assad is financing Hezbollah, he’s backed up by the Russians, on the other side you have ISIS backed up by the Saudis, I think they proved on 9/11 that they’re not friends of ours. We don’t have any friends. It’s about different sects of Islam; it’s about Wahhabism, really. That we would spend a single dollar here or a single American life it’s just astounding.

JONES: How would you sum up, Roger Stone, the age and the world we live in right now?

STONE: Dangerous. Because the globalists will do anything, including starting a world war if that’s what it takes to retain power.


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