Trump Ally Roger Stone Warns Alex Jones That A Staged “International Incident” Could Be Used To Cancel The Election 

Stone: “I Think They're Capable Of Anything, Including Martial Law”

From the April 27 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

CALLER: Hi Alex, thank you for taking my call.

ALEX JONES (HOST): Thank you.

CALLER: Mr. Stone, we already know that the establishment is willing to pull out all stops just to try to stop Trump from getting the nomination or maybe even the presidency. I was thinking, maybe, do you think that they would try to make some type of fake attempt on Obama’s life just so they can try to postpone the election?

JONES: Good point, good point. They can pull any stunt, they could crash economies to stop Trump, they’ve said that they’ll never put up with it. These are arrogant kleptocrats. Yeah, what type of stunts haunt you in the middle of the night that they might pull, Stone?

STONE: Well look I think they’re capable of anything, including martial law. The establishment is petrified that the Trump wave is coming and they see no way to stop it. I pray for him every night. I think it is very brave of him to continue to campaign in public, we can’t even begin to imagine how many death threats he must be getting.


JONES: What type of civil emergency, what type of October surprise, do you think anybody could pull? I mean, saying they’ll steal the election from you is pretty damn big, but what else?

STONE: Well, they could stage an international incident in which everybody has to rally around the president and then use that as a pretext to cancel the election.


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