Trump Ally Roger Stone Smears Gold Star Parents: “Mother Probably Wasn’t Allowed To Speak”

From the July 31 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

ROGER STONE: The whole criticism of this Muslim father that they put up at the convention is --  he has pointed out a truth, that Islam is a culture that does not respect, indeed abuses women. So they’ve all said, “Oh, how can he say that?” But it’s true. Unfortunately, the mother probably wasn’t allowed to speak ‘cause it’s not allowed in their culture. I feel very badly about these people’s son. I honor anybody who’s served this country but they should realize that their son died because of radical, hateful, murderous, Islamic --

ALEX JONES: Yeah, and look -- the so-called liberals claiming they’re empowering women. I said I wouldn’t interrupt. But you’re bringing her up there wearing a fricking headdress. Sorry, go ahead.

STONE: Yeah. 


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